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Originally Posted by HowlerMonkey View Post
I deeply and sincerely wish that Christians would educate themselves on this issue...
Oh, HM, we're not so different, you and I! If only that quote meant for you what it does for me.

I assume that you've been "trained" into your position. I won't speculate beyond that statement, but your beliefs match those of several preachers I know that are affiliated with certain schools, etc. Most are good preachers, and I've seen the Lord use them.

Recently, we held special services at our church and the preacher was of your "conviction" in regards to the Book. He used the AV, even defended it against modern perversions, but did not believe it was in fact the pure and preserved words of God. He would "correct" the Book from time to time during his preaching, and even purposely misquote certain verses (because he doubted their validity in translation).

It was tough to pray for the man and the meetings until the Lord gave me peace about it. (I was frustrated that this man was in our pulpit correcting God's perfect Book in front of our people.) Nevertheless he was a nice man and a good brother, but he was trained to find errors (and "fix" them) in a flawless Book.

All I could think about saying to the man was , Do you actually think that you're smarter than the men that translated the AV? (My confidence in not in those men, yet I don't mind putting you and anyone else today up against them!) C'mon, that Book is the real deal!