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So, now I am confused.
Is it just personal "preference"? Or is it settled with a final answer that it is RIGHT to marry outside your nation.

And since Caucasians are already mixed (i.e. Irish with German, etc), and so are Asians and Negroes (within their "colour of skin"), there shouldn't be any line drawn between those three "races" either?

But what about all those "differences" between each cultures?

So basically, no matter what nation, race, or culture you are from, just follow the Bible.. and there you go, no problem will occur whatsoever?

I could be very "misinformed" in this issue, and I am definitely open for the final answer based on the Scripture.

Oh, and would this issue be a doctrinal issue?

Another addition:
So, say if parents don't want their kids to marry anyone outside of their nation, race, or culture, are they, therefore, being unreasonable and unbiblical? (Say the reason is because communication issues, not faith issue)

Thank you for taking time to respond!

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