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Default Morbid focus on hell

What do you all think of preachers or christians that have a morbid fascination with hell?

I found this site last night..

To me, it's a sick way to present the gospel. Not to mention you can't actually find the gospel on that page, or any subsequent pages (you can find a ton of links to Ray Comfort's stuff, as well as things like "Real Christians keep the commandments of God".

It reminds me of a time in church when I was looking through some sword of the Lord booklets for something to read about eternal security. A lady came up and picked up one on hell and said "wow, this oughta be good", but not in a sarcastic way, but in a real excited about hell kind of way.

I've done my fair share of preaching about hell, and I am not against preaching about hell, but I hear this all the time

"I don't like preaching about hell, but Jesus preached more about hell than heaven so bless God I will do too". Rascals. They love preaching about hell. The thought of hell excites them.

But looking at that site and the images on it, it's morbid and evil for a Christian to focus on such things.

Also, the link for "A Loving God" does not work. As far as I can tell, it's the only link on the site that is broken.. a telling sign.