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Originally Posted by buzzoff1031 View Post
I'm wondering something. I have an Old Scofield that really doesn't have any room for any notes. I saw an interesting idea of placing onion skin paper, or some other thin paper, in between the pages of your Bible to provide a place for notes. Anyone have any idea how to get it to stay? Or would you even recommend this practice at all?
Chris, a friend once took a KJV with no notes, no references, and found a bookbinder who took the binding loose and inserted two sheets of onionskin paper between each page, and he had his own "study" bible. Somewhere around here I got a KJV that was specially bound with a sheet of blank paper between each page. Cambridge had a KJV was in a 3 or 5 ring binder, like a school notebook. I don't make notes in my KJV for the simple reason it don't have room for what I would write. I bring up my SWORDSEARCHER program and MS Word, and by the time I'm done I may have 7 pages of notes, 12 point type single spaced, on one verse.

Rebinding a Bible is an excellent idea but it's not cheap. Finding a ring-bound KJV would probably be more practical.

I knew a man once traveled from church to church teaching on the version issue. He had a cheap or a used KJV and would read like the last 12 verses of Mark and make the statement, modern scholarship says those verses should not be in the KJV so we'll just take them out, and he'd tear the page out. He'd go to I John 5:7 and do the same thing. he would cover like 50-75
"objections" to the KJV. By the time he got done, a 2 inch thick KJV might be 1/8 of an inch thick. It made a powerful presentation. It made an impact on me at a time when I was using a Ryrie NASB "study" bible and din't know inspiration from Mr. Spock's earwax.

Grace and peace brother.