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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Hey, thanks again for those ebooks. I've not got a chance to get started on 'em but I will soon enough! My pastor has asked me to preach mother's day, so I'm studyin up for it (pray for me). We just lost about half our Church over the most childish reason (hurt feelings), and I'm pretty sure this message will not be a "favorite among the crowd." I thank you ALL again for your help on this thread! God Bless!!!
Clint, pray for the ones who left, but remember, God Himself dismissed a large crowd of soldiers and Gideon did what he did with the 300. People have too tissue thin of feelings. If we were running for our lives and hiding to worship God, like in Roman times, we'd be a lot different. Remember always too that He and His works are seen in the creation as Romans 1 says, and my point is this: Every cell divides, what cell don;t divide is dead. If people leave a church a core will start another one, and maybe some of them will come back to you.

Read Dr. Gipp's book first, it will give you a foundation of the version controversey that THEY started, not Bible Believers.

I'll be praying and thinking of you Clint

Grace and peace brother