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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Ok, got another topic I'd like to get some input on. I was recently called to preach, 6 months ago. I struggled with the call, quite a bit actually. Honestly, I didn't feel worthy, wasn't sure he had called me, and didn't really want to. I was scared/fearful. I even began to think I wasn't called at all and was considering quitting even and not preaching. Well, I have peace with it now. I couldn't quit, impossible. I'm beginning to get the feeling of it being an honor and actually want to preach, etc. Anyway, I was sharing my feelings (which I finally figured-out I can't trust anyway) with this "person". He kept quoting me Luke 9: 62. When I said things about being unsure and wanting to quit, he quoted that scripture and basically said, "It's too late now, you've already announced it in church, you can't quit now." Well, by the Grace of God the Lord is guiding me through this and I praise his name that he would use someone like me to share the Gospel. Sorry for ramblin on, here's the question: Is the Lord saying in Luke 9: 62 that if a man (in our Church Age) begins to labor in the Lord (in any calling, be it preaching, teaching, etc.) and quits, then he is not "fit" to be saved or will not be saved at all? I am fully persuaded that answer is NO! However, I would like to discuss why some of you agree or disagree with me or this "person." God Bless!
Clint, please have this man join this forum, I want to ask him why:

1. He is quoting OLD TESTAMENT doctrine. Jesus has not been crucified yet.
2. He trying to make gospel of the kingdom of heaven(the restoration of Israel) Church doctrine for today?
3. He thinks someone died and made him the Holy Spirit.

Questions for you and a little bible study: Colossians say you, Clint, no matter what you do, you are what in who?

Romans 8 says, who can separate you from the what of who?

Ephesians says you "are" seated where with who

Nothing makes me angrier than some self-appointed Holy Ghost who glories in the circumcision of others, who make it a ministry in discouraging people. Sometimes I think it's true what they say, yes, Neanderthals did survive into modern times.

grace and peace to you brother, hold fast.