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You know the early Church met in homes not big fancy buidings.There are many things going on not Biblical.Conventions is one i.e SBC.Building funds ect.The Church I just quit hired a preacher that uses the deadly NKJV and fired the preacher who was a faithful KJB man of God.I told the gossiping women in Sunday School who runs the church affairs that I also find un-Biblical that if any other Bible than the KJB that hit the pulpit or my and my wifes ears we would hit the door running and it came to pass.

The Church just celebrated back in Nov its 160th year and now its almost dead with very very few people left.It almost was like attending a funeral ever Sunday because of the programs became more important than the message of the Cross.Most per-versions in 1st Cor 1:18 add being saved and the KJB says which are saved dont you think its a big difference in being saved and which are saved?These Bibles teach a works salvation plain and clear which is contrary to saved by grace through faith not of works Eph 2:8-9.

God bless.
Bro Miller.