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Default Re: Bibles for Missions

Originally Posted by Here Am I View Post
Brother Ruckman's site offers a case of 24 paperback Bibles, shipped, for $98.00:

I don't see how you could do better than that!

If each of us could send $10.00, we could probably get a least a case of them for Brother Chette.

Aloha sister Here Am I,

Have you seen and handled these Bibles? We (our church) are looking for Bibles to send to brother Chette and to brother Sammy (Biblestudent) {both in the Philippines}, but we don't want to send them Bibles that start to fall apart in a couple of months.

I am curious about the "quality" of the Bibles you have mentioned, perhaps you have personally seen them and handled them?

We are looking for "the most bang for the buck", and realize that we can't expect too much for the price. But on the other hand, we would rather spend a little more money for a Bible that will hold up for a few years (even if it means less Bibles) than send something half-way around the world that may not hold up for very long.

Please don't get me wrong! I have no idea as to the "quality" of the Bibles you have mentioned, and hope that you might know enough about them or others to give us a recommendation.

Thanks for the information.