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Default Postage cost

Postage or shipping costs are higher than I thought, and I'm trying to think how some of you (who may want to help us with Bibles and books but don't have enough for the shipping costs) can partake in a cheaper way.

I received an e-mail recently from a sister in the Lord, a Filipina, working in Hammond as a nurse. She's been there for two years now. She came from my father's church, and she told me she would help in sending books and Bibles. She has bought a few and has sent them along with the package she sends for her family.

I asked her if she's willing, and she told me to give her address to anyone who would like to send Bibles, books, etc. through her. This will save you from postage expenses, as she will just include it in the box she sends to her family and to the new church she's helping in the Philippines.

If anyone wants her address, please e-mail me. Thank you very much!

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