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Default Bibles

I received nine SWORDS from "Swordsearcher" (Diligent) today. Aside from being new, they are in good print. Thank you very much!

Others who can and will send Bibles (and tracts) are all welcome to "keep sending" them to us, of course, as the Lord provides. Bibles are like hot cake here. In fact, even unbelievers here may refuse a gospel tract but will never refuse a Bible! (Maybe, he has read the tract already...we used to have a lot of tracts of the same title)

We may also ask a favor that you send us Bibles that are readable.
(There were KJVs sent to us many years ago which were in very small print. I saw a box or two of those in the school office and they still remain undistributed. One of the pastors was hesitant to give these small-print Bibles to his church members, and he jokingly said he didn't want to "torture" his church members eyes. I also remember that I liked to use these small-print Bibles because I can search the verses faster and win our Bible games, but our pastor told me not to use it because he said it's bad to my eye.)

Well, Diligent and others in this forum inspired me and my church to keep preaching. Then, we can only give out one Bible a month. Now, God has enabled us to give a lot more times than we can, and He did it through you!

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

For the love of Christ,
Bible student