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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
it is true that Tagalog is teh mother tongue here in the Philipines. Our Problem is two fold. hard to get the New Testament King James by Bearing precious seed and there is no OT available in the KJVTagalog. I have been slowly putting one together that would represent the KJAV in Tagalog very well.
so I use both in our church plant we read botht he Tagalog NT and the English text. Many know english and English is the language of the last days. Computer programing is largely done in Mathmatics and English.
I have been trying to get ahole of Roger Riley the distributor here for NT KJV Tagalog Bibles for over a year and he has not replied to his email or cell number.
Hi Bro.Chette, I briefly knew the brother who translated the Tagalog NT and also Bro.Riley, but thats a long story...
Anyways, last I heard Bro. Rodelieo had quit his job to devote more time on translating the OT. I believe he is in the Angeles City area and was I think associated with Blessed Hope Baptist Church. I know he could do with some help!
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