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Originally Posted by PB1789 View Post
To Bible Student:---Hello there. I've read several of your posts and have wondered ...hmmmm?...I wonder if...?

So, after reading some of your posts, and seeing that once you mentioned a "jeepney"--- ( I've been at Subic, Clark and Manilla)- I know what that is...I wonder if maybe---that KJ-A.V. Collins with a zipper got over to the P.I. and was used for good. Hope so, though I must say I am surprised because Tagalog is the Mother-tongue, and English is a second spoken language, but it is American English mostly learned from American Sailors/Soldiers/Airmen/Marines --- not the more lofty and difficult English of the A.V....therefore it is good to see your posts and to see that you have a webpage with your Baptist Church.
Aloha PB1789,

Re: Your Post #5

This may not be the right area for this Post, but your reply to brother Sammy Tabuena (Bible Student) is instructive of most American's lack of knowledge of other people's of the world, and also a lack of understanding of our own "mother tongue".

I have been married to a Filipina (born on Kauai, Hawaii) for 47 years now and have lived amongst many different races and cultures here on Kauai for nearly 50 years (Caucasians are a "minority" in Hawaii).

Having lived with many Filipinos, both from the Philippines and "local born" in Hawaii, I can testify to you that most of the Filipinos that I have met actually speak "better" or more "proper" English than we Americans!

They may speak English with an "accent", but I can assure you that they just haven't learned English from a bunch of American servicemen - most of them have learned it in school, and like I said, compared to the "average" American they have a much better handle on our language than we do.

not the more lofty and difficult English of the A.V....
Brother Sammy's testimony is of great interest to me because he is the fourth person that I personally know of who hails from another country (other than England & the U.S.A.) who has NO "TROUBLE" with what you refer to as "the more lofty and difficult English of the A.V".

There is a Christian man in India (Moses LemuelRaj - born in India) who "prefers" the King James Bible and who has written the best essays that I have ever read on the "Inspiration of Scripture" - he has no problem with the "difficult English of the A.V" - Why is that?

I have a close Christian friend (born in Germany) and his Tongan wife (born in Tonga), and both of them actually "prefer" the "the more lofty and difficult English of the A.V" to their native tongues. How do you explain that?

When I first met my German friend here on Kauai (some 25 years ago) he was using a "living" bible. After talking to him about the Bible "issue" at some length and over a period of several weeks I encouraged him to read Martin Luther's German Bible (in his own tongue) when he returned to Germany. He returned to Germany and I didn't hear from him for nearly a year.

After about a year in Germany my friend returned to Kauai and called me right away to testify to me that after reading Martin Luther's German Bible and the King James Bible that he preferred the King James because "it spoke to his heart" more than Luther's Bible did in his own tongue! And just in case you are wondering - my German friend holds an "earned" PhD after attending German Schools & University for over 20 years.

Since I do not speak any other language other than English, I don't believe that I can fully appreciate, the import of this kind of testimony regarding our English Bible, but there is one thing for sure, and that is - your concept of "the more lofty and difficult English of the A.V" is not shared by people of other nations and of other tongues. Again, I wonder - where you did you get this idea?

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