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Originally Posted by Biblestudent View Post
"Hmmmm?" What does that mean? Seems to me that you are saying that if people send KJVs, English tracts, and Sunday School materials, these will all be in vain? That's how I understand. I read your reply at least 3X. Pardon me if I don't get it.

1 Thessalonians 5:25 Brethren, pray for us.

For the cause of Christ,
Bro. Sammy
<snipped for brevity>

BibleStudent:--- I think there is some thoughts here...I'm sorry that you had to read my post 3 times and thought that I had "doubts"...

The "hmmm?" is me thinking-out-loud and pondering/wondering/thinking...not insulting at all...Just assumed that your first language was Tagalog---(guessed), although I did know that since there are thousand of islands, it would stand to reason that there is more than one language.

Actually--- What I was hoping was that after these many years- of wondering if someone had benefited/used my old Christmas present...I was pondering/thinking to myself: "Wow---this would be Cool if this man in the P.I. called "BibleStudent" was the man who recieved that Collins K.J. with the zipper"....!?

{BTW-as for support; our association supports 2 Baptist Churches in the P.I., one of which also runs a school/home/sanctuary for young girls in Manilla. The Roman Catholic system is strong in your country, so protestants really need assistance!}