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Default English in countries where English is not the primary language

To Bible Student:---Hello there. I've read several of your posts and have wondered ...hmmmm?...I wonder if...?

Years ago, in January 1979, The Lord saved me after I sat down and read my Bible {the Book of Revelation in one night} after being challenged by a young woman in my apartment complex---to take it out of it's original box-{which I got for Christmas when I was in 3rd grade-about 8 years of age.} and actually read it, rather than guessing and musing about "God-stuff"...

I few weeks later after I started attending church with her and her fiance and a small group of Christians. They pitched in and bought me a NASB Study Bible as a present. Sooo, I saw an advertisement in a Christian magazine for people to send their unused/extra Bibles to the Phillipines for distribution to believers who didn't have much money. I packed up my old Christmas present--{ Collins with a zipper cover and some art pictures inserted into the books that tied in with the thing mentioned...I remember one was the widow's son being healed/raised, and I think another one showed Jesus calming the wind and waves on the Sea of had a black cover and the print/font was much better than the current stuff being printed.}

So, after reading some of your posts, and seeing that once you mentioned a "jeepney"--- ( I've been at Subic, Clark and Manilla)- I know what that is...I wonder if maybe---that KJ-A.V. Collins with a zipper got over to the P.I. and was used for good. Hope so, though I must say I am surprised because Tagalog is the Mother-tongue, and English is a second spoken language, but it is American English mostly learned from American Sailors/Soldiers/Airmen/Marines ---not the more lofty and difficult english of the A.V....therefore it is good to see your posts and to see that you have a webpage with your Baptist Church. Carry On! Hope your throat/voice get better!

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