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Default Re: MC1171611 and your questions.

Dear brother,
Many thanks for your response and enquiry to our posting. At the moment we do not have a website, but have been (reluctantly) persuaded of the benefit & advantages of having one. We are in the process at the moment of setting it up and I hope it will be up and running by December, God willing.
As far as our sending church and support is concerned, we are totally independant. I pastored in the U.K. Assemblies of GOD for 4 years in the early 1990's but left the denomination because of the direction it was taking. I witnessed the introduction of what I believed to be false doctrines and unscriptural practices and decided that I could no longer be associated with such things.
Although, having said that we do have the backing and support of a number of AoG pastors in the U.K. and Australia, including the former U.K. Overseas Missions Chairman brother Ray Belfield and his wife Barbara, and the former General Secretary of the AoG in Australia brother Philip Powell and his wife Kath, all of whom remain personal friends of ours.
We are prayfully supported by a number of believers in Australia, New Zealand
the U.S.A. and the U.K. and I can supply contact details if you require.
At the moment we are self funding, but see the need for help from others in the Body of Christ as the work expands as the LORD seems to be doing.
As I shared in my appeal we are planning to open a small Bible Training Institute and an Orphanage in the near future and will need Sponsorship for the students and the children, as well as furnishings, books, KJV study Bibles and study materials etc. The needs are indeed great, but we believe GOD is able. This is also why we want folks to come and see the situation and help us in the work here in any way they can.
Thank you again for your enquiry. Please feel free to email us directly at the following address:
The LORD bless you!
David and Alice