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Default God is punctual!

Thanks to Bro. George, Renee and the anonymous brethren in Hawaii who sent us a "big box" of clothes, tools, books, and medicines.

October 26 was our church's silver anniversary and we scheduled to have a feeding program for the poor children in our barangay (village) and give out clothes in several areas of another barangay. The "big box" arrived the 25th, just in time! Praise the Lord!

It was 6 pm when we reached our last area. We cautiously but fervently preached the Gospel to some drunk youth. Then children, adults, and elderly people gathered around the light of our jeepne (Thanks to the brownout!). Glad they received the gospel after mocking us at the beginning. They were further surprised when we gave out plastic bags of local and "imported" clothes, shoes, and candies! They had no idea we would give something like that, for we've never done that to them for three years we taught the Bible there under the mango tree outside their fences.

God reward our praying friends and A.V. 1611 forums!