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Originally Posted by Cloudwalker View Post
Ya, Connecticut has changed since aren't missing much.

Ah, good old Oklahoma...give my compliments to Les Feldick if you see him...I like his teachings on the word of God.

LOL, I'll try to keep you entertained just as long as I don't run into the Sheriff in town...a few Calvinists would be ok though.

George, you are a blessing to have here...all of you are.

Thanks for the welcome and the fellowship all.
Brother Cloudwalker,

I was wondering when someone at this Forum would mention Les Feldick! I have watched his program and read some of his writings. While I don't agree with everything that he teaches, I think that much of it was helpful to me, in beginning to understand about dispensations. He seems like a humble man that genuinely cares about the truth. I have seen him admonish people NOT to believe LES FELDICK or to quote HIM... but to believe GOD'S WORD (Les Feldick ALWAYS uses the KJV, which is another plus!). He tells people to quote the Bible and compare scripture with scripture. So, I do believe that his heart is in the right place and that he gives all the glory, rightfully, to the LORD.