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you know what caught my attention was we used the term Hamite and everyone of you et al all recognized it as our meaning black people? And then went on to say we have no idea where the black race came from and that we can't say without any conjecture as to the fact they came from Ham. If you don't know where the black people came from then why did you all jump us and call us racist and bigoted? we could have been talking about the thousands of white slaves from Europe, the 2,000,000 Chinese slaves that were sold in the US. Or maybe we were talking the 100,000 Filipino's slaves that was sold in Hawaii to the Mormon owned pineapple and Sugar plantations. Hypocrisy is subtle isn't it.

Many of the African slaves sold to the US market were done so by their enemies to whom they lost a war. this was common practice of the victor clear up to today and many were sold by Muslims to the US (Muslims still practice it today where are the bleeding hearts and the Amnesty Intl and human rights groups confronting the Muslim?).

Why don't the black slaves seek to get appropriation from the Muslims in Morroco, Chad, Nigeir and Egypt to pay them. OH yeah there are none alive today. Why then do their descendants asking only the white America to apologize and pay them money?

The whole point of the apologetic event for slavery in America is mute and it should not be done.

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