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the Jhephite nations did capture the Shemite nations tenting grounds and did in fact have slaves that came from the Line of Ham (whether some of you want to believe it or not) according to the scattering that the LORD did at the tower of Babel.

I asked a question of King he answered affirmative I then made a remark that blacks (Hamites) are now wanting the white's American via their representative in office to Apologize for the slavery (which was legal at that time) and give them money for coming from the line of a slave over 100 years ago.

it wasn't bigotry nor racism that spawned my conversation but truth as to what was happening today. my ancestors came here as indentured servants (volunteer slaves) so they could be in The New World.

Do you feel that is what we as a nation need to do? make apologies for people we did not know to people we did not know and then pay their descendants money which would amount to 100,000 of individuals if not millions, all getting money for nothing other than being black?