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Originally Posted by Ask Mr. Religion View Post
Has anyone read Harold Camping's Time Has an End? He is predicting the Second Coming in the fall of 2011.

Brothers AMR & Chette,

It could happen then. I'm open to God's timetable. I'm not going to be setting any dates myself. Like Brother Tim says - WATCH and be READY.

The fools who have predicted dates - even HOURS - lost their credibility. It is foolishness to be so specific. Speculation is OK. Just don't pin it down to IT WILL HAPPEN - just keep it at "MAY." That's good enough.

Brother Brandon - I don't think that giving a very general time period of "Fall of 2011" is preaching a DATE. The Lord said we will not know the HOUR or DAY. He didn't say we will not know the SEASON or YEAR. I don't see anything wrong with knowing the SEASONS and being READY. We can't just close our eyes and not see all that is happening around us and say, "NAH! He's not coming now!" The truth is we don't know! But the Lord did tell us that we could have an INDICATION of when these things might occur.