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Hello all,

I don't believe in date setting ever since high school in 88'.
I remember sitting in class waiting till 10:15 because that was when it was going to happen. Hmm... didn't happen. (YET!)

I understood at that moment that date setting was not healthy.

That being said, I love the topic and speculation!

I remember reading in James Usher's Annals of the world book that he came up with 4004 B.C. as a starting point for time. Taking into account the change in calendar years between the Jews/Romans, that puts us in the ballpark with a hotdog, doing the seventh inning stretch.

Even future-potential-bloodwashed-believers know something is up. I try to study many different angles to be able to communicate in hopes that a witnessing opportunity might pop up.

Anyone else want to get into a thread along these lines?