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Default Re: "Evolution vs. Creation"

Aloha brother Parrish,

Thanks for the informative Posts.

You may already know about this source - but if you don't, this is a really great source of info on the same subjects (including "cosmology" - the beginning of the Universe, i.e. matter).

Brother Vance Ferrell may have the very best single book on this subject: "SCIENCE VS. EVOLUTION = 1008 PAGES @ $11.50 per Book, or $5.45 each in a box of eight!

You can check them out at:

They also have a 3 Volume Encyclopedia (ON-LINE) that covers practically every subject involved in this very important controversy. {Volume #1 = ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE. Volume #2 = ORIGIN OF LIFE. Volume #3 = OTHER EVIDENCE AGAINST EVOLUTION}

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