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Just A Thought,
I think they are concerned with just the order of the materials in certain books.
For instance, much of Kings and Chronicles have double stories. Repeating the same incident.
I think he would like to put them together. Verses with verses.
But the way the wording is, he seems to think that he knows the exact date of each book of the Bible, or is at least convinced enough to choose it.
Thereby making a new Bible.
Dates are hard things to pin point.
Why, even most of Christendumb think that Jesus was born Dec. 25th.
Would you be outside at night time with your flock Dec. 25th...IN THE FIELD?
No, you would have them brought home for shelter against the elements.
Ooops! Egg on My face.
Just looked up the weather in Israel, and the temps are quite nice. 60 to 70 for the highs, and 45 to 50 for the lows. Tel Aviv is even warmer with temps going up to 80.
But then it was 2000 years ago, and weather patterns may have had slight changes over the years, but it would have been an average.

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