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That's a line I hear often but as per my belief, God is sovereign no matter what so Hitler would not have thwarted God's plan for me individually and mankind collectively.

We are a society that places a heavy emphasis on our personal freedoms and quite a few of those freedoms have been gained by a certain amount of warring. However, I'm asking you to think if this nation is any better as a result of these wars.


Don't just answer with a predetermined "Yes, because we're sitting here chatting in English as opposed to German".
Our freedom is found in Christ as Daniel, Joseph, Jeremiah, Paul, John and a slew of other Bible personalities would attest. However, has any of that freedom brought this nation closer to God?

Most Christian and Secular Sociologists are describing this as a Post-Christian generation. The average youth today has NO experience going to church on Sundays and listening to the Gospel being preached. On the contrary, they are predisposed to mentally shut down anything that smacks of religion to them. As a former middle school teacher, I can verify that bit of research.

We are arguably, one of the freeist nations on the Earth yet our witness here is either marred by extremists orabsent from the culture at large. A famous preacher once said "The majority of churches today are either morgues or insane asylums".

All this at the heels of so many wars fought and won.

Conversely, the Church in China has very little freedom yet it is the fastest growing Church on the planet by some estimations.

No wars, no fighting. Just living out the gospel daily...even at the cost of their lives.

So what's my point?

Just that I thnk we place an undue amount of concern over individualism in this country where my rights come first and that is reflected in this nation's attitude towards war.
Jesus said if we wanted to find our lives we needed to lose them.
He said that the first would be last.
He also said that if we wanted to truly live, we had to die to self.

All those examples speak of putting others first...something gravely lacking in our culture (including our culture of war).

So what would have really happened if Hitler has risen and conquered?
I'm not sure but I do know that God is sovereign and that just like Daniel was able to prosper under the Babylonians, the Medo-Persians and the rest, God would make a way for us too.

Our personal comfort level is never an excuse to go to war and destroy our neighbors, made in the image and likeness of our God.