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You keep trying to set the Bible against itself - that is Ezekiel you are quoting - Old Testament - yet you keep trying to tell us that we are to do something different in the NT. The NT does not contradict the OT. In the OT, when the Israelites fought against the Canaanites, they were to obey Ezekiel 33 just as much as the NT Christian is to today.

Fighting a war for my country is not personal vengeance.

We are to give them a glass of cold water, give them our cloaks and tunics, walk the extra mile(s) with/for them and ultimately love them as Jesus would because it's Him we represet on this planet.
Let's remember the context of this passage: when taken to court, give them your cloak if and walk the extra mile. We can make application to our everyday life to do the same - but that is not what the passage is dealing with. When the Roman soldiers commanded the early Christians to carry their baggage for one mile, they were to go beyond the forced march and carry it two miles - willingly, not reluctantly. When sued for your coat, give them your cloak also. Pay what is owed legally, then go beyond that.