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All Paul ever say is there is no difference between the Jew and the Gentile. He was always saying that about the race. Being a Jew is being a race. Just like I am a white man. I happen to be a Scotch white man. My wife is a saved, born again, blood washed German/Jew. Notice how I said German/Jew. Neither one of those says anything with her faith. That is about her race. German white, Jew speaks for it's self. She could be German/Jew and be lost. being a Jew has nothing to do with faith, it is all about race. Let me say I like the Jews as a race and I love one Jew in particular, my wife.

Cmac I think you maybe a little Arayan. They all think we are the true Jews of today. I could be wrong about you, but that is what they believe. The book of James was written to the Jews as was Hebrews, both after Paul wrote Romans.