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All we have on earth are people who THINK they are Jews, but they delude themselves.
And the nation of Israel was not "reborn." It's a new secular nation, brought into legal existence by the Satanic United Nations, and now ruled by people who are Pseudo-Jews.

My wife just happens to be German/Jew. Her mother is a full blooded German, her father was ( now dead ) a full blooded Jew. You may think my wife is a deluded Pseudo-Jew, but I'll bet she will beg to differ.

I don't know what your wife's ethnic background might be, but it can't be Jewish. "Jew" is a religious designation. To say that your wife's father was a full-blooded Jew is like saying that someone is a full-blooded Baptist, or Catholic. Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Jews, and everyone else after AD70 are Gentiles. Read Romans 11:32 in the KJV.