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I hope you all take time this week to warn others about The Shack:
Here's plenty of ammo:

By comparing the creeds of universalism with a careful reading of The Shack one discovers how deeply
universalism is embedded within the book. Here is the evidence in brief:
1) The universalist creed of 1899 affirmed that “there is one God whose nature is love.” Young
asserts that God “cannot act apart from love” (p. 102), and that God purposes what he does
always as an expression of love (p. 191);
2) There is no eternal punishment for sin. The creed of 1899 again asserts that God “will finally
restore the whole family of mankind to holiness and happiness.”
For example, he looks at the female imagery used for God in The Shack and asks, “Is it ever appropriate to think of God as Mother or to pray ‘Our Mother, who art in heaven…?’”
First, of all the possible scenarios he can fictionalize, he choses that which the world choses in most of its modern feminist portrayals of life - namely viewing fathers, and men in general as abusive and women being good. Hey, it sells! In fact in the shack this man who was abused by his father, whom Mr. Young fictionizes to have been a church-going Christian, but a drunkard, a wife-beater who tied his son to a tree for three days while he beat him with a whip. And of course we all recognize the typical "evil" Christian male figure that world always portrays in its fictions. Hey, it sells!

And this hatred of men is typical in the Christian community, where any talk of "submission" and "subordination" of the wife (such as we read in the Bible) is responded by fabricating such fictional accounts and scenarios, expressing utter contempt for such a concept and justifying the evangelical feminist veiwpoint in their hatred of men. Likewise both Christian men and men in the world have become largely emasculated, marginalized, even effiminated, having embraced the feminist philosophy which so enslaves Western culture. So feminist pastors and effeminate Christian writers largely see it as their duty to push such crap on the rest of the Christian community.

So how does Mr. Young portray his god? This abused son allegedly meets god in the shack, the Father turning out to be a fat black woman. (A rip-off of Stephen King's THE STAND) And she is entertainment oriented as she's listening to "Diatribe" through some head phones. Being fat is indicative of lack self-control. And this is confirmed where his "Jesus" says, "You're free to do whatever you like".

WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THE SHACK?! They should be horrified by it!