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Originally Posted by stephanos View Post
Your wife must submit to you as you submit to Christ Jesus.

Your wife must realize that as a man, and spiritual leader of the home, you have a responsibility to do what is right for that home. But I must warn you, that you mustn't fall into the sin that Adam fell into. Don't let your wife drag you down if that's what she's ultimately going to do.
Stephanos, I was married for years to a lost spouse, and believe me, lost spouses won't submit to ANYthing from the bible. It makes them angrier, and that doesn't produce good fruit.
His wife SHOULD realize that he's the head, but, being lost, she sure won't.
The best thing to do is pray, and to live your life in such a way that she sees Jesus in you and hears love from you. We are unlovable before we're saved, and I said that, because I know I was an idiot before I was saved, and sometimes after too, but, we're commanded to love the unlovable.
Talk about a HARD thing to do, that's one of them.