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Hello to everyone!

I Googled my way over here a few days ago, took a look around, and decided to sign up. I was saved when I was five years old under the ministry of John Rawlings. I was raised under some of the best teaching and preaching of the second half of the 20th century. Rawlings, Ruckman, Roloff, Lakin to name a few. In the mid 70s, we moved to a much smaller church north of Cincinnati. The pastor was a man named Jack Grigsby. Church was in the basement of a building that was never finished while he was there. He never had a membership roll. Yet, when he opened the scriptures, what amazing things came out.

The one thing that all these men had in common was their belief in the absolute authority of the word of God. Everyone of them taught me to use the word to correct them, never the other way around. I can remember as a little boy, Rawlings preaching that I had the infallible, inerrant, inspired word of God SITTING ON MY LAP. I had assurance in my salvation because I had God's word on it and if I could find one mistake, then I should throw it all out. It either stands as a whole or it falls as a whole.

That is the kind of preaching that I grew up in. I did not always follow the will of God. After years of going my own way--and sinning like a dog--the Lord got my attention and I listened to his call.

I still believe that the AV 1611 is the inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God for English speaking people today. I go so far as to include the chapter and verse markings and probably even the punctuation. So yeah, I am one of those nuts. I base my belief not on what I was taught by men, but how that teaching stood up to the scrutiny of the word of God. I thank God for the wonderful men I have had in my life and the Christian influence they have given me. However, I do not follow any man. I follow the word of God.

I have looked at the version debates and am convinced from looking at the other side that they are more concerned about their glory than they are the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I lead a busy life and I am not sure how much I will be able to contribute, but I look forward to checking in and seeing what is going on. YOu folks have some good looking debates going on!


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