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"We should also make these things known to other christians who may not know."
There's the rub for me Amanda.
I have learnt alot on this thread that I did not know previously and I will keep it under my hat.

For me personally,I just can't do that,make these things known to other christians who may not know.

I see my son's happy in their marriages and just think their wives are God's gifts to my sons,as is my daughter's hubby to her...they don't need me to come along and tell them any of this that I have learnt here.

God is blessing them in so many areas of their lives as married couples and they have other young couples as friends that they confide in about many areas of their lives.We have been blessed by quite a few young marrieds in our church in recent years and some of those couples are now bringing their first borns to church.They are now back using their preferred method of contraception and I just think it would not be wisdom to tell them what I have learnt here.
My thoughts entirely,others may feel free to think differently.
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