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It is not asking what methods are used,or what the failure rate is leading to a conception taking place...just,liberty or sin?
From that question alone as it is worded I would have to say liberty because no matter what methods we use..nasty experiences can happen.

Very difficult for folk.

Mrs Hayseed
Sister great point...The question was an either/or and it's clearly not.

However, one has to have a place to start and it is relatively easy to rule out the pill and other hormonal birth control for the average couple seeking advice. You bring up a good exceptions though. I would not dare to meddle in a serious case of the health of the mother. Obviously the mother's health is first priority.

I wrote this on my blog awhile back. Please consider:

Did you know that your local drugstore could be selling Plan B i.e. the morning after pill? Both our CVS and Wal-Greens sells this drug. Each pharmacy can choose whether to offer it or not.

As if it mattered, I discovered yesterday that the only requirement to be able to purchase Plan B is that you’re 18 or older. A prescription is not even needed. According to the website you can discreetly order using a printable card that you can just hand over to the pharmacist without ever saying a word.

Notice that the website admits this Plan B works in just the same way as the conventional hormonal birth control options such as “the pill.” Most Christians wouldn’t dream of purchasing a “morning-after-pill” but have no qualms taking the birth-control pill. Yet they both work in the very same way. The only difference I suppose would be with one you are deliberately trying to end a possible pregnancy, the other you would be hoping that the only way you were preventing a pregnancy is that you did not ovulate that month.

I have not met many Christians that when asked “When does life begin?” would say, “After fertilization when the ovum baby has attached to the uterus.” They almost ALWAYS say “Life begins at conception (fertilization).” In fact that is THE most common Pro-Life position.

If that is the case we should prayerfully consider these things and take responsibility for our actions. We should also make these things known to other Christians who may not know. For years we took “the pill” trusting our Doctors that it was a safe method. Coming off the pill was not an easy decision to make as we knew there would be more children and at the time that was not easy to accept, but I believe that if the Lord is working and dealing with you and your husband He will give you the grace and peace you need to do what is right.

Just some scattered thoughts to give you something to think about this Thursday.

If you would like to have a great booklet to hand out on this Randy Alcorn has a great booklet discussing the subject in depth “Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortion”

Interestingly our “Christian” President G. W. Bush supports the “Morning After Pill” (see here) but so does Hillary Clinton? Go figure…