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What is an effective birth control though,apart from abstinence?

I have found that the use of condoms can fail,(I got a blessing and nappies from condom use.)

My daughter and her hubby used condomes,spermicidal jelly and the I.U.D and tragically the baby conceived attached to the follopian tube.My daughter's life was in danger and she had two little girls and a husband.She couldn't be operated on and so my husband and I sat with her while she was put on chemotherapy at a friends house close to the hospital.I can't describe what we went through watching this and just praying for the Lord to receive our grandchild.She had to be sterilised permanently after this.(Another bone of contention among christians.)

Her second child had been conceived while she was on the pill.

Eight months ago our middle son and his wife were so happy expecting their first baby,and at nearly four months she miscarried.They have been trying for another baby and so far it is not happening for them.They were previously using the pill.

I don't know what the answer is,to what is acceptable..nothing is 100% but whatever is the preferred method couples use it needs to be the most effective with what is available.

I just know it is very personal and it can be that each method has it's sadness's attached.
I don't have an answer in a fallen world for birth control apart from liberty.

Wishy washy I know but it's hard to be a young couple having to manage that very personal area of your lives,without sinning in some way if a conception happens.

The topic is "Contraception a liberty or sin?"

It is not asking what methods are used,or what the failure rate is leading to a conception taking place...just,liberty or sin?
From that question alone as it is worded I would have to say liberty because no matter what methods we use..nasty experiences can happen.

Very difficult for folk.

Mrs Hayseed