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Bro. Paul said: What conclusions have you guys come to on this?
Sis. Hayseed said:People are too free with what other's "should" or shouldn't be doing.

The reason this is being discussed isn't because we want to tell others what to do, but because Bro. Paul asked what conclusions we had come to. But for any of us to come down with a hard and fast rule, you are right, that would be wrong.

I again will state that I am in 100% agreement with what Sis. Jaebyrd has to say. If one believes that conception begins at fertilization hormonal birth control is in my opinion wrong. But as I've said before in another thread that I think God gives grace in ignorance of this fact...But if I was asked by anyone on this subject I would also be wrong to not inform them of the scientific fact of how hormonal birth control works. After that, it is in their hands and not my place to judge.

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