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Hi Folks,

boaz212, your questions cover a wide swath. The unusual Hebrew grammar theories of Young. The theories of whoever is behind that innvista site. Various theories of Hebrew grammar. Various errors in Young's Literal, the use of the less precise TR editions by Young etc. A vague accusation against "translations available at the time" which were generally far superior than what is put out today by the Version Industrial Complex.

Young seems to have the very strange idea that translating one word in many ways -- depending on the exact nuance of the verse for the precise translation -- is wrong, when often doing so is simply excellent translation. That may be why his version is so difficult to read and comes across as compartively lifeless and wooden.

Robert Young's theory of Hebrew grammar hardly get any serious consideration today. Here is one comment in b-hebrew from Randall Buth, who teaches Hebrew in Israel.

Verb Trial Thesis
"As for a historic present thesis of vayyiqtol. That's not Hebrew, but
a dead end alley pursued by robert Young in the 19th century."

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