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Originally Posted by RonB View Post
Diligent, you need to be more restrained on the trigger my friend with that sort of jugular approach you may run off a truth seeker that is having difficulties. I've been through much so I have a thick skin but I appreciate CIVIL DISCOURSE.
I'm more than happy to drop this, but since you keep trying to admonish me, allow me to demonstrate why I did not regard your original post as a sincere question by underlining parts of your initial post:

Can someone justify through Scripture (not through fallen man) for not observing the Sabbath on the seventh day? I don't find it, I have found lots of Scripture twisting going on but I haven't found any true justification. This is serious business since it is in the Commandments. Ignorance may be one thing, but willful disobedience is not acceptable.

So now, if in fact this Commandment should be observed (since it is, after all, a Commandment), then how? I'm really searching here so let us reason together.
Your question was full of things you have already determined are true (ie, "This IS serious, since IT IS, willful disobedience." Add to that the implication that people who do not observe the Sabbath are "scripture twisting" and it's hard to imagine what exactly the "question" is -- it reads like a demand to defend.

And you've gone several posts now without commenting on all the scripture that has been provided -- are we here to reason amongst ourselves? What say you?

Now, if I've totally misjudged your initial post, I will gladly say so right here in public after you deal with the Scriptures that have been presented. But I can not help it -- I've been at this too long not to get suspicious when I see posts that look like yours. It sounds just like someone who is hung up on Saturdays trying to stir up a fight over the Sabbath. If you aren't claiming to observe the Sabbath, then good -- otherwise, please provide the Scripture you use to back up your implication that not observing the Sabbath is willful disobedience.