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Default Wycliffe Bible Commentary - Kyle Yates

Hi Folks,

The Wycliffe Bible Commentary is considered conservative and Reformation-oriented. The Psalms section is by Kyle Monroe Yates Jr. (1895-1975) author of Essentials of Biblical Hebrew (1938), a book used as a reference source today by Thomas Strouse and others.

This commentary only has a smidgen about Psalm 12, yet again the emphasis is sensible with "he will perform" referring to Psalm 12:7a. "What he has promised, he will perform" - Kyle Yates does not mention preservation of people in the Wycliffe Bible Commentary.
Wycliffe Bible Commentary - edited by Everett Harrison & Charles Pfeiffer (1962 1st ed)

Psalms 12:6-8
The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

The Response of the Worshiper. Pure words. In contrast to the talk of the loudmouthed ones, God's words are as pure as the finest silver. What he has promised, he will perform. His trustworthiness is assured and proclaimed as a response of worship.
Kyle M. Yates

There may be more in the other Psalms books by Kyle Yates (see Library Thing, Worldcat and Google books for titles and dates).

Kyle Yates was with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville and Oklahoma State University. He was one of the more conservative folks who erred in working on the RSV (which has the erroneous us-us translation).


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