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Originally Posted by Will Kinney View Post
Hey Daniel. Do you by any chance have the link to the Spanish Bible of 1280 by rey Alfonso? About three years ago I did a big project for one of my Spanish classes at Colorado University and I used to have the link to a site that showed the New Testament portion of La Biblia Alfonsina of 1280. I did a comparison of it with the Greek of the TR, and compared it also to the Latin and the modern Spanish. It is not a very good translation, but it was quite interesting to see the old Spanish words, spelling and grammar. Now I can't find that link anymore. (I did a Google search too) Have you ever run across it? I think it was the first complete Bible to be made in the Spanish language. If you have the link, I would love to see it again.

Will K
(Brother Tim, get Brandon Staggs attention for a second so he won't hear this) Will, I have the 1569 Reina/Valera "Bible Of The Bear" for E-Sword. Apparently the .bbl files for texts of a given bible for E-Sword is simply a Microsoft ACCESS file. I have Word 97, I don't know if this database will work on E-Sword. I'd love to have Sam Gipp's Answer Book on E-Sword as a topic file. I'm not versed enough in OPEN OFFICE to try their database program, but many users of E-Sword have made modules they share. I have The Nit-Wit Translation(Watchtower), the NIV, New Living, NASB, New Jerusalem, Clementine Vulgate, Wyclife's, Bishops, Coverdale, Geneva, I have about 30-40 versions. No one has made Jerome's Vulgate yet that is available for one I've used since day one, The Online Bible. I'd love to have the Reformation translations(Luther, Diodoti, etc.). I checked the Louis Segond 1910 French but it is missing the Johannine Comma and I think also "firstborn" from Matthew 1:25, I didn't install it yet. There are many Mexican immigrants settled in my town, so many that the local Catholic Church tore down to the foundation their church building and rebuilt larger. I'd love to be able to print simple Spanish language tracts for them. I'm on disability, what our government so quaintly calls Social "Security"(yeah, and my dog chews bubblegum too) and am on literally a barter and trade economy. I'd love to have Swordsearcher but can't afford it. Keep me in mind if you hear anyone who has any off the wall E-sword modules. I got a fragmented NT in Gothic and two Saxon 4-Gospels someone made and also the Dead Sea Scrolls Isaiah Scroll someone made for OLB.

Grace and peace brother, it's good to be back in touch with you. Pray for those on FFF, as Chief Dan George once said, hell has come to breakfast.

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