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I am reminded of a rich ministry in Texas (Hagee) to which I requested a movie for free seeing I couldn't afford the $39 donation for it. and I told them it would be used for our ministry here in the Philippines to reach people for Christ.

They replied they would pray for God to increase my wealth as Christians ministers should not be poor. then told me they don't have a budget to send free videos to missionaries.

I was flabbergasted at their response.

What is so strange is I have asked poor ministries for items to use in the mission field and they sent them plus extra Items I didn't even ask for, free of charge and they paid the postage.

just goes to show you these prosperity guys are like the rich of the world they want to hang on to all they have. you guys would not believe the amounts of my personal income I give to minister to others here. We pay for the extra the church can't cover (from our own pocket sometimes hundreds of dollars), we give to church workers sacks of rice and monetary gifts so they can buy food, as well as clothing and medications when they are sick. I maintain a first aid kit and wrap the woulds of any here in our area free of charge. I give them medications for Diarrhea, flu symptoms, allergies, sometimes I have given it all away then I need it and there is none.

The secret to true riches in Christ is to give what you have away, carry your cross, and follow Christ.