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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post

And WingWiper are you still absorbing the info?

It would be great to hear a summary of what you learned in answer to your question.
Sis. Amanda.......

Still absorbing...........? Absolutely.

I'm just enamored if you will over the how this thing was kicked back and forth, how as yourself and other folk kept the focus on this thing scriptural. It was never about salvation, eternal security--- there is no Church Age scripture against cremation.............yet as many folk brought out that any Old Testament scriptures were ensamples.........., but ensamples are not commandments.

Some folk could care less either way about be buried or cremation and it appeared the majority would rather be buried rather than cremated. I understand and do not refute their reasoning at all. You know.....when you have some people look up to you, pose a question--- I don't want to ever be so high minded if I'm not sure........or let me clarify that if I can not put my finger scripturally on it to reach out for help which this forum has completely embraced. A few folk kind of got off topic, but the main thing is/was that from what I can see is everybody's “heart” was in the right place and wanted the scriptures to have final say!

Christ was buried.............his body was not burned. Doctrinally it don't work.............., but practically at least for me personally that'll preach. You gotta go down (humble yourself before God) before you can go up.

Brandon's verse was good that it covered the spectrum and I got a chuckle out that one. Yet it is at least a common thread from what I could discern that anything burned is and was negative. God's wrath is's kindled, it's fire.............Num. 11:1, etc. As far as that goes the Gospel is negative (which is opposite of what is being taught) in that something must die first. Christ died [negative] than rose [positive]. No need to guyz have already been taught that. God requires justice.............. A God who is all love is perverted. You cannot love without hating. I love my try and hurt my wife and I'll try to hurt you.

Jumping maybe outside the box the first thing you see in the tabernacle is something burning, yet it (the tabernacle) was laid out like a cross (the crucifixion). We know as others mentioned that Rom. 12:1 talks about presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, where we know generally speaking a sacrifice was offered by burning. In Dan. 3..........although they were in the fire (literally) the 4th man--- the Son of God kept them from being burnt. Kind of like being born twice-- you die once and being born once and you die twice. Yet we know that 1 Pet 4:12 is not literal...........every feel like a dog chasing his tail? You can not get around the Word of God-- he got it all covered. What's that got to do with it.............? I don't know but I feel better.

Isn't Rom. 12:1 and 1 Cor. 13:3 talking about motive..............? God is asking you to literally die because Christ already did what we couldn't do, yet a living sacrifice is symbolic to our body not our life. God can't use a dead body. I gave my life to Christ when I got saved; He's in me and I'm in Him, but my body which is still subject to the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4) is a tad different. The burning in 1 Cor. 13:3 is not literally burning our body but is an indication of our motive.................? Right?

A dead sacrifice is no good as was a dirty priest could not stand before God (Old Testament) just as we cannot come to God dirty, we need 1 John to clean us up as to stay in fellowship. I feel like I'm preaching to the choir...............but we all know our standing and state are not the same (Rom. 6:13). My body is acceptable to God when I do good works and we all know about then bon-fires that will be at the Judgment Seat.

I've ranted enough............. and I'm sure others might disagree, yet I find, after reaching out, study............... no Pauline doctrine suggesting either way. I'm already seated there regardless...............God will put us back together. I am prepared-- thanks to you guys to offer an answer based on the Book. My opinion does not count..............