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Bro. Brandon,

I was reading over this thread again and it doesn't look like I ever adressed this comment you made:

Well, no, the Philistines already had their way with Saul, just a few verses up. They cut off his head, paraded his body around the land, and pinned his body to a wall. I suppose of motive was in play, shame and embarrassment over what had been done to the bodies might have been a factor -- but that is mere speculation, just like saying Paul was talking about burning his dead body in 1Co 13.
I stand corrected You are right that they already had had their way with Saul and we would be speculating that the motive is as you mentioned shame or embarrassement.

Bro. George, I was just wondering if after Brandon's post #25 and Jessica's post #32 you still believed I was way off on the sacrifice/martyr thought?

Nothing is being said about someone "SACRIFICING" their living "body" - can you imagine the Apostle Paul talking about SACRIFICING himself ("by burning"?) for anyone. This, after years of preaching and teaching about the ONE EFFECTUAL & FINAL "SACRIFICE" [1Corinthian 1:23, 2:2] made by the Lord Jesus Christ (BY "CRUCIFIXION" - NOT by "burning") The verse is talking about GIVING a "body" (a DEAD "body") to be "burned" - NOT a "burnt offering"!

And WingWiper are you still absorbing the info?

Still trying to absorb all the posts and I've learned quite a bit. You guyz are amazing...........! Brandon.............1 Sam. 31:12-13 was excellent.
It would be great to hear a summary of what you learned in answer to your question.