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Default years of judges?

Originally Posted by boaz212 View Post
Hi Will, thanks for the detailed reply. I went through the book of Judges and added the years of bondage and the years of judges. I found:
111 years of bondage
336 years of judges
447 years total
447 years is about 450 years so I believe that will verify the verse.

Now, since your article also mentions 1 Kings 6:1. I am trying to add up the numbers myself. So far, I am not settled with the 593 years calculated.
1.The 450 years is only for the time of the Judges. I can't see how this time includes Joshua and the elders.

Right, it doesn't include Joshua and the elders. 1 Kings 6:1 mentions 480 years after coming out of Egypt till the 4th year of Solomon. This time period was 480 years. So to the 450 years of the judges till Samuel (mentioned in Acts 13), we need to add the years Samuel judged (that is what I need to verify yet), plus the 40 years of Saul, plus the 40 years of David plus the first 3-4 years of Solomon. That is where the numerical discrepancy comes in.

It seems like to best and easiest solution to this apparent problem is that we need to deduct the years of captivity during the times of the judges (which comes out to your 113 years) from the total time mentioned in Acts 13 and that is how the problem is solved. In 1 Kings 6 God includes all the years from Exodus till Solomon's 4th year - 480 years.

However in Acts from the total years of the judges, plus Samuel plus Saul plus David, we then have to deduct the years of captivity (113) to come out to the right number.

Now the only problem I still have with this is finding out how many years Samuel actually judged Israel before he made Saul king. So I will have to do some more looking.

Again, if anybody sees another way to reconcile the numbers, please let us know.