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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
By the way, the Author is the Holy Ghost, not Paul or Timothy or whoever else men speculate wrote it.
Of course the whole Bible is Authored by God via inspiration everyone knows that.

It is important to know why God did not allow the author (the person God used to pen it) of this book to be known. nothing is unimportant in God's word

I am not sure that my facts are correct so I don't want to say this absolute authority. but I think Hebrews is the only book in the Bible that the author (the person God used to pen it) is not known. before you jump and say Job, read Job again there is a place where the author identifies himself.

Title and verse numbers and chapter division by most feel they are just of men. But if God has given us the KJV complete with these titles and divisions and numbering I believe they in that case are inspired and preserved as such for a reason. there is no reason for us not to believe it is Paul as the KJV name says it is Paul


When you read Hebrews look at the words especially endure to the end, overcome, etc. then read Rev 1-3. I believe these are Jewish tribulation Churches being spoken of in that book of prophecy are also addressed in Hebrews. Not just historical locations that also had Jewish churches in the past. Seeing John was in the spirit on "the Lord's Day" Rev1:10 referring to a future time he writes to churches in a future time. there never was any proof historically that John ever wrote and sent to seven churches that which is written in Rev1-3. but we do have this book of prophecy still yet to be fulfilled and in that time they will need to endure, overcome to receive the reward of life and other benefits.

David Walker does a good job of showing the transitional nature of Hebrews in his book "Dispensatinalism"

now having shared what I believe with Greenbear, I know there are some of you who don't agree but at this moment it is not really up for debate. It is just a statement of a moderate dispensationalist.

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