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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
I didn't mean to hijack this post I was using baptism as an example about doctrines so that if the books being divided right would reveal what is in line with Paul's teachings

NO where in scripture does John the Baptist ever teach Baptism is an outward showing of an inward conversion. it does in fact being a step of obedience if they believed his words, repent and then be baptized FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS. no grace applied until the act of obedience is carried out by the believer in the Kingdom Gospel.

Paul teaches nothing on water baptism. Paul's only remarks are who he baptized. Are example is he baptized. Roms 6 is actually spiritual. But we use those words to show our Identification with Christ which is an outward show of what God has done in our hearts. Buried in his likeness of death, raised in his newness of life. Paul taught "Baptismal Identification in Christ" now there is a Biblical doctrine we can follow. no need for the word ordinance to connected to it when in fact the Bible does not use it in connection to Baptism.

ordinance should be discussed in the other thread "Ordinances". sorry for the hijack
Brother Chette,

Thank you for the points that you made. You are correct and I appreciate the correction.