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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Sounds like a Primitive Baptist to me. There are some Professional P. B. Ministers, but they take their support as donations, not salaries. And they usually minister at more than one Church.

In general though, it is handled just as you have stated above. As far as supporting Missions and such, most do not, based on no mention of mission organizations in scripture. But personal Evangelism is encouraged, if you want to foot the bill. Some more liberal/moderate P.B. Churches might even do that. But no mission organizations.
Samuel, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your term "denominational monoliths" but it was really too good to pass up. I've never heard of Primitive Baptist churches. The Primitive part sounds very good but I don't believe baptism is for the dispensation of Grace so I'm only half way there. My husband and I plan on attending a Grace church, as in grace believers, the same kind of church as Tonybones.

I know there is no "Great Commission" for the church age but I do believe that God has used the English speaking nations to spread the gospel throughout the world. I see every reason to spread the gospel to other nations during the church age.

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