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Default Codi

Hello Codi! It is good of you to open up and ask for help, I admire your humble sincerity.

I know that this is a forum and that there are things that it would not be suitable to discuss over the World Wide Web. If something has happened in the past that has not been resolved between you and the person that you spoke of, then I would suggest that you go and talk to your pastor or an elder in the Lord (someone that you can trust who will pray with you about it and give you good godly council).

Feelings like these can be very dangerous to yourself, your witness and others (that is if you just try and ignore them and bottle it up). There are people on this forum who will give you good advice (like George has just done) and many others who will pray for you, but the forum is limited in its capacity to do any more than that. But after saying that, please donít hesitate to bring your burdens to us if you feel that it is a way of helping you in your situation.

Remember though Codi Ė you have just lead someone to the Lord and attacks will come you way because you are plundering the enemy (keep up the good work!)

God bless hope it gets sorted soon!