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Originally Posted by aussiemama View Post
Is Paul Washer the idiot that yells at teens and tells them they aren't saved just because they are wearing a t-shirt he doesn't like, or some other similar thing?
Paul Washer is an Ray Comfort-ish Southern Baptist that preaches what approaches Lordship Salvation. While his stress on repentance is good in certain areas ("Christian" teens, dead churches), I believe that making the Gospel all about repentance is wrong. As I was telling someone last night, only 25% of the gospel is about sin (Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again), and when Paul preached on Mars' Hill in Athens, only 2 out of 9 verses included anything about sin and repentance. We have to keep things in perspective: "We preach Christ and Him crucified."

I'm afraid men like Paul Washer, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have good intentions, but make the Gospel about repentance when it's really about the Grace of God.