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Default My Intro

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

I hope to learn and grow here as well as contribute. I've been a Christian since 1986 - although my faith has undergone changes during that time. Has anyone else noticed the widening trend towards a very liberal Christianity, which uses many different Bible translations? It seems like the ministers just choose the one that fits best into their sermon. Truth does not seem to be revered as it once was.

I am so deeply thankful to our Lord and Savior for allowing me to read and understand the AV1611. He has given us His Holy Spirit to provide the opening of the understanding of Scripture, in addition to the comfort of truth.

No longer do I watch the news, fearful of what lays around the next bend in world politics or the developing "New World Order." I now understand that this was all foretold, along with God Almighty's ultimate triumph. He is not "losing that battle" in any way, shape or form - all is going exactly as He has ordained from the foundation of the world!

Because of the weakness of the churches these days, I have not found any local church that preaches from the KJV and doesn't have secular additions to "attract the youth" (such as rock bands and laser light shows) - even the conservative Baptist churches have now jumped into the cesspool of modern churches, seeming to think that anything that takes place within church walls is HOLY unto our Lord.

In fact, the church is "ecclesia" - the called out ones or the ASSEMBLY" - these are the ones that are true believers and will stand for the truth. These are the Body of Christ - they don't see "church" as a building that they go to on Sundays. They see it that Body of Christ.

I'd appreciate any feedback on this intro.