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Well if you know the owners, you probably know as much as I do. That he was a missionary, and when he retired he had always wanted to own a Bible book store. So he opened one.

I talked to his wife once for a long while, and she said making a profit was never a consideration. That they ran it for Gods glory, and to get the word into the hands of more prople.
In fact she once searched for a certain Gospel tape for me, for months. I had completely forgotten about it, and one day I got a phone call from her. She was apologizing for not being able to find it, I told her I really appreciated her effort beyond words, but I had forgotten about it. She said she never forgot, when it came to helping someone.
Sounds like you know them as well as I do. They are great people and they have an obvious passion for the Bible. I should add that the new owners seem nice as well and I wish them success.