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PB1789 & Chaplainles

I thank you both for the encouraging words. One of my biggest problems is that I worry about tomorrow (Even though Jesus said I shouldn't). I re-enlisted back in November so now I don't get out until 2012. It's not serving these next four years that worries me it's what I'm going to do when that time is up. I'm getting better though about my worrying with the Lord's help. I like witnessing to the people I come in contact with. It does hurt when they reject Jesus but I enjoy witnessing to them. What I'm struggling with now is my future assingment. This summer I'm going to Drill Instructor school. As many know, Marine Corps Drill Instructors are some really rough people. I'm trying to figure out if I should still continue on in this assingment. I have the option of not going with out any bad marks on my record. I'm trying to figure out how I would really reach the recruits if I'm constantly yelling, fussing, and correcting them. Fussing and yelling it's a part of the job and there's no way around it. When I was in boot camp my drill instructors were great at their job but there morals weren't in the right place. They constantly taught degrading stuff to the recruits. As a recruit you feared the drill instructors and I'm just wondering how can people see Christ in me if they fear me and I'm constantly yelling and screaming at them?

I have no problem being in the Marine Corps. God has kept His hand on me throught my career. I just want to make sure I'm not demending on the Marine Corps to supply my needs but I'm leaning and trusting in the Lord to do these things. Any encouraging words or advice would be greatly appreciated.

For what its worth, I would say go and become a drill instructor.

I joined the army in 1980 and spent my 18th birthday in basic training. Even today, I can remember the names, faces and personalities of my Platoon Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant and section corporals.

The impact and influence that you will have on the young men under you WILL stay with them for their whole lives.

Imagine being able to teach these young Marines the qualities of loyalty, resilliance, toughness and all the things that go into making a soldier as well as showing them that being a Christian does not detract from these qualities.

Popular culture has cultivated the image of Christians as being lilly livered will proof to these young men that that is a false portrayal.

Go for it.